Compare Panasonic P31 vs Panasonic P51 – Specifications and Price

Panasonic has become a pioneer in different electronic appliances, now company is also trying his better hands over smartphones. That’s why company has launched different kind of smartphones models which are named as Panasonic P31 and Panasonic P51 respectively. However both models are launched in different years, yet people search for their specifications over each other and you can easily compare Panasonic P31 vs P51 here to get the best features and specifications discuss and elaborated here. This is the best place where you can easily get able to consider that which one is the model you really want to purchase with best specifications in your budget, while Panasonic P51 is priced around Rs-13000, P31 model is just available for Rs-10000.

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Panasonic P31

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Panasonic P51

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Overview – Panasonic P31 vs Panasonic P51

Released in May 2013 Panasonic P51 is a touchscreen model while Panasonic P31 has been launched in a bar shape. With 2500 mAh battery Panasonic P51 is a complete kind of featured smartphone because Panasonic contains only 2000 mAh in comparison to its sibling. While a very important feature P51 has removable battery, P31 don’t have that.

Display and Design – Panasonic P31 vs Panasonic P51

Panasonic P31 is available with different color variants while you can also see that Panasonic P51 is only available with white and black variants in market. Both of these Panasonic models have 5 inch screen which allows to use within a capacitive touchscreen feature, but both of them have difference in their resolution area. Panasonic P31 have 480×854 while Panasonic P51 have 720×1280 wide resolution for its screen.

Camera – Panasonic P31 vs Panasonic P51

Its shocking that while these models have differences in their price range they do have 8 megapixel rear camera with flash in both P31 and P51 models. But hen it comes to the front camera then here it comes the difference where Panasonic P31 have 0.3 megapixel at front, Panasonic P51 has 1.3 megapixel camera.

Hardware – Panasonic P31 vs Panasonic P51

Coming to their hardware capacities its quite there are some differences too, Panasonic P31 has a 1.3 GHz Quad core processor while Panasonic P51 have a bit less but 1.2 GHz quad core processor. However RAM stands with a difference with Panasonic P31 only 512 MB, Panasonic P51 do have 1 GB RAM in it.

Important Specifications – Panasonic P31 vs Panasonic P51

Memory – As discussed above P31 have 512 MB RAM while P51 has 1 GB RAM in it, you come to see that both of them do have 4 GB of internal storage. Both models too contain microSD card slot which supports 32 GB expandable memory.

Software – Well its a gadget era, so it should have the latest OS. However both of them have 4.2 Jelly bean version of Android OS. But in Actual Panasonic P31 have 4.2.2 OS of Android with Java support feature in P31 only.

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Panasonic P31

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