Compare samsung galaxy s3 neo vs asus zenfone 5

If you are looking for a smart phone and you have confused between Samsung galaxy s3 neo and asus zenfone 5, which phone is the best for you, then here you will see the difference between those phones and which is the best product for you. Both phones are android based, so many similarities between them but also so many differences between Samsung galaxy s3 neo and asus zenfone 5. here all the differences between both phones have given on the basis of features. As you know asus and Samsung both are one of the best brands but the Samsung is most popular for the smart phones and asus is most popular for the laptops.

Product Name Seller Name
Asus zenfone 5
Amazon   |   Flipkart
Samsung galaxy S3 Neo
Amazon   |   Flipkart

Technical comparison between Samsung galaxy s3 neo vs asus zenfone 5


The body dimension of Asus zenfone 5 is 72.8×148.2×10.34 mm where as the body dimension of Samsung galaxy s3 is 70.8×136.6×8.6 mm. Samsung galaxy s3 is lighter than Asus zenfone 5. the weight of Samsung galaxy s3 is 133 gm and the weight of Asus zenfone 5 is 145 gm.


The display size of Asus zenfone 5 is 5 inch with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection and upto 10 finger multi touch feature where as in Samsung galaxy s3 4.8 inch Super AMOLED display available. The resolution of both phones is same 1280 x 720 Pixels.


If you compare between Samsung galaxy s3 neo and asus zenfone 5 on the basis of camera, then both have 8 MP primary camera but asus zenfone 5 has 2 MP secondary camera where as samsung galaxy s3 has 1.9 MP secondary camera.


The 1.2 GHz, Quad Core processor has been used in samsung galaxy s3 where as in asus zenfone 5 the 1.6 GHz, Intel Atom Z2560 Dual Core Processor with Intel Hyper Threading Technology has been used.

Operating system

When you focus on the operating systems of both phones, then Android v4.4 (KitKat) operating system has been installed in samsung galaxy s3 where as Android v4.3 (Jelly Bean) operating system has installed in asus zenfone 5 but it is upgradable upto  v4.4 (KitKat).


On the basis memory asus zenfone 5 is more attractive than Samsung galaxy s3 because 2 GB RAM and 16 GB Internal storage available in asus zenfone 5 where as 1.5 GB RAM and 8 GB Internal storage is available in Samsung galaxy s3.


SPECIFICATIONS           Asus zenfone 5
Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo
OS & Processor
Android v4.3 (Jelly Bean) Android v4.4.4 (KitKat)
Display & Resolution
5 Inches, 1280 x 740 Pixels, Corning Gorilla Glass 3
 4.8 Inches, HD, 1280 x 740 Pixels , Super AMOLED
Storage & Memory
2 GB RAM, microSD, upto 64 GB , 16 GB internal
1.5 GB RAM,  microSD, upto 64 GB, 8 GB internal
Camera & Battery
 8 Megapixel, 30 fps, Li-Ion, 2110 mAh 8 Megapixel, 30 fps, Li-Ion, 2100 mAh
Price In India
Rs 12,705/- in India, Rs 31,070/- In India
WiFi, 3G USB, GPRS, Bluetooth
WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G,USB,GPRS 

Compare Samsung galaxy s3 neo vs asus zenfone 5 on the basis of price and offers

Asus zenfone 5 offers online

You will get 29% discount on this phone if you purchase it from Amazon. The market price of asus zenfone 5 is 12,705 rupees but the Amazon is providing this smart phone in only 9,055 rupees. This si the amazing discount on asus zenfone 5. if you purchase asus zenfone 5 from flipkart then you will get this phone in 9,990 rupees. A combo offer is available for asus zenfone 5 on flipkart in which you will get Toshiba MicroSD Card 8 GB in only just 219 rupees.

Samsung galaxy s3 offers online

The market price of the Samsung galaxy s3 is 31,070 rupees but on Amazon you can purchase Samsung galaxy s3 in 47% discounts offers. You have to pay only 16,500 rupees for this smart phone. The flipkart is selling the Samsung galaxy s3 in only just 12,499 rupees and also a combo offer is available for you in which you will get Samsung MicroSDHC 32 GB in only just 1,099 rupees on Samsung galaxy s3.

Benefits of online purchasing

The discounts that are shown in the above paragraph is only applicable for Amazon and flipkart. In market you have to pay full price for those smart phones. The other benefit is that you have no any extra charged for the delivery and other services. In online shopping the payment you will get so many easier payment options by which you can pay online or pay after delivery or pay in instalments.

Product Name Buy OnlinE
Asus zenfone 5asus-zenfone-5

Samsung galaxy S3 Neosamsung-galaxy-s3-neo

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