Fully comparison between LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy S6 smart phone

Comparison between Samsung Galaxy S6 and LG G3 is not an easy task. Both are highly configured smart phone. If you want to purchase one of them, then here we are going to compare both phones on the basis of technical features and prices. Samsung and LG both are one of the best brand of smart phone. There are so many unique features in Samsung Galaxy S6 model that are not available in LG model. If we talk about Samsung, then it comes with 4G facility and you can provide the finger print security on this model. Where as the LG G3 smart phone does not support 4G. Wireless charging is also an unique feature of Samsung that makes this phone different from other. These are some basic difference between both smart phones that helps you to choose one of the best model.

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Samsung Galaxy S6
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LG G3 D855 Titan Smart 32GB
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Compare LG G3 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 technically


The Samsung Galaxy S6 supports 4G feature, wireless charging and finger print lock where as the LG G3 model supports 3 G facility only and both other both features are unique for Samsung.


If we talk about the display feature of both smart phone then LG G3 model comes with 5.5 inch True HD IPS LCD display where as the Samsung galaxy S6 model comes with 5.1 inch Super AMOLED display.


The camera quality of Samsung galaxy S6 is better than LG G3 smart phone because the Samsung model contain 16 MP rear and 5 MP front facing camera where the LG model contain 13 MP rear and 2.1 MP front facing camera.


If we compare both phones on the basis of memory, then you should know there is no any difference between them, both have 32 GB internal storage capacity with 3 GB RAM.

OS & Processor

The LG G3 smart phone comes with Android v4.4.2 (KitKat) operating system and 2.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon Quad Core Processor where as the Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with Android v5 (Lollipop) operating system and 2.1 GHz + 1.5 GHz Octa Core Processor.

Compare LG G3 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 on the basis of prices and offers

There is a big difference between the price of Samsung Galaxy S6 and LG G3 smart phone, bot both mobile phones are available online with discount and combo offers. The Samsung Galaxy S6 model is available on flipkart in just 41,900 rupees where as the LG G3 mobile is available on flipkart in just 34,799 rupees. The Amazon and snapdeal are also providing these smart phones in approx same price. So choose your best phone as your requirement and order now the best one online.

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Samsung Galaxy S6

LG G3 D855 Titan Smart 32GB

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