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We all know very well that HTC is one of those leading brand in smartphone industry who too supports the open source features of Android OS. However Samsung has already established its market all over. However its still the hardest thing when you decide to upgrade your smartphone, seriously its like to go for a pizza for after a night in town. But not to worry a lot in the name of technology, because here we present very comprehensive comparisons for HTC One M8 vs Samsung Galaxy S5. Both of them has arrived in the early 2014 while they are also made with their latest possible features. When coming to the brand name non of them has a low cost branding however.

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HTC One M8

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Samsung Galaxy S5

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Design and Look

HTC One M8 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 starts with look wise HTC could steal your heart in the first impression, HTC One M8 truly has its first view very impressive, the brushed metal look is really impressive, subtle curves are very beautifully fixed with its speakers. While Samsung Galaxy S5 is a striking model with wise and nice gripped back of this smartphone. Samsung took a while to launch this model, because of its dust and water proof feature provided to IP67, this will work as a major bonus for all Samsung lovers.

Price Featured

Starting with HTC One M8 again you could easily make how can this be while its priced around Rs-48000, however Samsung Galaxy S5 has made it be its lowest around 39000.
(Note – Price could differ according offer and available stock from brand)


Samsung Galaxy S5 has been featured with 16 MP camera, while HTC One M8 does has 4 MP, but wait HTC’s 4 MP camera has ultra-pixel BSI image sensor. S5 is featuring its LED flash while M8 features dual-color LED flash, digital zoom feature is equipped with Auto-Focus.

Other Common Specifications Compared

  • HTC One M8 has motion launch which is a set of sensors-based shortcuts, while its not available in Samsung.
  • A fitness tech application is available within Samsung Galaxy S5, its the heart rate sensor which is not present in HTC One M8 of course.
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 only have finger print scanner of its own, you just need to rest your finger on home button.
  • Both HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5 has same kind of storage versions, which is specified as 16 GB/32 GB internal and microSD card support too. With 2 GB RAM in each of them.
  • HTC One M8 contains a 2600 mAh battery while Samsung Galaxy S5 have a 2800 mAh battery, both of them performs incredibly strong as well.
  • In difference HTC One M8 have front facing speakers while Samsung Galaxy S5 have water and dust proof on board.
Product Name Buy Online
Samsung Galaxy S5

HTC One M8


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