Micromax Unite 2 vs Motorola Moto E – Compare The Best & Tough One

The launch of Motorola Moto E has really affected lots of companies which has launched an adorable Android 4.4 version phone in Indian market. With almost similar configuration but better with few aspects has a name Micromax Unite 2. Lots of people out there are comparing and purchasing both models while still several customers are standing in row to make sure that they could choose the best among these two. Micromax Unite 2 vs Motorola Moto E is the latest comparison about it while both of them has been priced exactly the same, its Rs – 6999 for anyone of them.

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Micromax Unite 2

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Motorola Moto E

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Overview – Micromax Unite 2 vs Motorola Moto E

Micromax Unite 2 has its model name A106 while Motorola Moto E has named it XT1022, both rae released in May 2014. Micromax Unite 2 has been launched in the form of bar model whereas Motorola Moto E is complete touchscreen device. With no removable battery in both of them Micromax Unite 2 is available in 4 colors but Moto E is only available with its black and white variant.

Display and Design – Micromax Unite 2 vs Motorola Moto E

Now coming to their display and design features Unite 2 has been sported with 4.7 inch bright graph IPS display which have 800×480 pixels resolution while Moto E come along with 4.3 inch but qHD screen which have 960×540 pixels resolution. However it is small in size but provide better resolution, which is the main reason it have higher pixel per inch, unlike from Unite 2, Moto E has a Gorilla Glass 3 display protection.

Camera – Micromax Unite 2 vs Motorola Moto E

Starting with Primary camera, both phones have 5 megapixel rear camera. Micromax Unite 2 has added the advantage of a LED flash as well as secondary camera option. Despite this Motorola Moto E also has 2 megapixel front facing camera. That will completely entice all selfie enthusiasts, this is the only important thing Moto E lacks in.

Hardware – Micromax Unite 2 vs Motorola Moto E

The processors used within both Micromax Unite 2 and Motorola Moto E are different while Moto E has been powered by 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 200 Dual-Core processor, Unite 2 is powered with 1.3 GHz Mediatek Quad-Core Processor. But both phones are loaded with 1 GB of RAM.

Important Specifications – Micromax Unite 2 vs Motorola Moto E

Memory – Both smartphones do have an internal storage memory of 4 GB, which is further expandable to 32 GB on microSD card. This is also first time in which Motorola gives an expandable memory support with microSD card slot. This calls a tie for Micromax Unite 2 vs Motorola Moto E.

Software – Although Motorola Moto E was the first phone in market which introduced Android 4.4 (KitKat) at such price, but Micromax Unite 2 has been too introduced with the same kind of segment no point less than it. However Micromax is too guarantees for one Android update of OS like Motorola.

Product Name Buy Online
Micromax Unite 2
Unite 2

Motorola Moto E
Moto E

The competition between Micromax Unite 2 and Motorola Moto E has been very tough, while in some segments Micromax Unite 2 is gone far but Motorola Moto E too have very important features which are upgraded in it unlike to Micromax.

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