Motorola Moto X Vs Google Nexus 5 – Comparison Between Its Specifications & Price

Motorola Moto X Vs Google Nexus 5

From past few years the craze of Android phones are at top. In android market there are so many companies and so many cell phones. Among these all Motorola Moto X & Google Nexus 5. These phones are almost similar in features and little bit different in price. But when the matter comes about which one should you buy then it becomes necessary to compare Motorola Moto X Vs Google Nexus 5 features and specifications. Here, you will see all features of both phone and comparison of it. And also the price of both Moto X Vs Nexus 5. after that it will become easy for you to decide which one you should buy,

Product Name Seller Name

Motorola Moto X

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Google Nexus 5

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Moto X Vs Nexus 5 – Display & Camera

Nexus 5 comes with 8MP primary camera with digital zoom & flash and 1.3MP secondary camera. Moto X has 10MP primary camera with zoom and flash and 2MP secondary camera.

Nexus has 5” 1080p display while Moto X has 4.7” screen with 720P display.

Dimension & Weight – Nexus 5 Vs Moto X

Nexus 5 has 129.3×65.3x10mm dimension and 130 gm weight while Moto X has 137.9×69.2×8.xmm dimension as well as 130 gm weight.

Hardware & Software

Google Nexus 5 has 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor along with 2GB Ram and 16/32 GN internal memory. Motorola Moto X has 1.7GHz Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor with 2GB Ram ans 16 GB Internal memory.

Both cell phones have 4.4.4(KitkKat) version of Android.

Power & Extra In Nexus 5 And Moto X

Both product has almost similar battery as, Nexus 5 has 2,300mAh while Moto X has 2,220mAh.

Moto X has some additional features like, nano-coating which makes it safe from accidental dropping and also from water. In Nexus 5 you will get the very active Display.

Price – Moto X Vs Nexus 5

The price of Motorola Moto X is about 23,999 and Google Nexus 5 is 28,490 in India.

In conclusion, it can be said that non of these product is not usable. Both are best and gives the best experience of Android phones. Some part of Moto X is advanced and some of the Nexus 5, but the price of the both product is different which makes you able to choose the best one for you. Now, ask from your and look towards your budget you will be able to decide which one you should buy Moto X Vs Nexus 5.

Product Name Buy Online
Motoral Moto X

Google Nexus 5


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